The Guide to a Family Holiday in Thailand






Single Parents - Essential Documentation

Are you sure you know what documents you, as a single parent, need to travel overseas with your children? It is a topic that many parents are unaware of and others misunderstand. For a full chapter on documentation that all parents need to consider see the guide book 'Thailand4Kids' meanwhile here are the Essential Documents 4 Single Parents

Thai Food4Kids - Safe and Wholesome Food

Buy other Guidebooks to Thailand and you will find long eulogies of how great Thai good is. I'll not dispute that Thai food is fabulous, but what these other guide books neglect in their enthusiasm is to consider the problems and worries we as parents face providing wholesome food that our children can, or indeed will eat. 'Thailand4Kids' includes a whole chapter on this subject - Practical advice that includes help in finding western foods and excludes any judgement that you must eat Thai food and love it while you do so.

You can download and extract from the chapter "Thai Food for Kids" here Thai Food4Kids

Thai Language 4 Families - Phrase Cards To Go

The Thai language is notoriously difficult and lack of Thai can be a barrier to you exploring beyond the tourist centers. We've thought of this and the guide 'Thailand4Kids includes a chapter on Thai 4 Families that provides you with a whole set of phrases that we parents need to know, but there are some phrases I think you need, even if you don't buy my book. The following link will take you to those useful phrases on hold up cards to help you get by, you can download these cards here Thai Hold Up Cards.

Hotel Booking Fax Form

If you are travelling independently you will need to book at least your first night's accommodation in advance; The guide book 'Thailand4Kids' includes a whole chapter on Accommodation including what to expect, how to choose accommodation and the very important safety and security considerations. Meanwhile, this Hotel Booking Fax is the standard form that we always use, and if you are struggling for ideas of where to stay on that first night in Bangkok then the address on this fax template is for the Rembrandt Hotel, one of our favourite hotels in Bangkok.

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